Denials and Appeals of Immigration Applications

No matter what you’re applying for – a nonimmigrant visa, a green card, or U.S. citizenship through naturalization – the U.S. government almost always has the power to say “no.” Denials can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you didn’t meet the basic eligibility criteria; or although you did meet these criteria, you were “inadmissible,” due to a criminal, security, health, or financial issue in your personal history; or perhaps you were applying for a discretionary form of relief, and the decision-maker simply wasn’t convinced that you deserved what you were asking for. If the government was correct in its assessment, then an appeal is probably not worth your while.

But there are situations in which the government makes a mistake, and denies something that you were either eligible for or deserved. In such cases, you should take advantage of your right to appeal. There’s an appeal process for many (but not all) types of immigration applications. Sometimes simply reapplying for the same benefit is your best bet, whether or not an appeal is available.

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