ICE Immigrant Detention, Removal and Release Bonds

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ICE maintains holding facilities for non-citizens. For all intents and purposes, these facilities are prisons. If you are detained by ICE, you can be held in a detention facility for months until you are allowed a hearing before an immigration judge to determine whether you can be deported.

Release from Detention by Bond

It may be possible to get out of ICE detention by posting a bond. This works exactly like posting bail after an arrest to get out of jail until your trial. Whether you will be allowed to post bond depends on your immigration status and the reasons that ICE detained you.

Who Can Get a Bond?

The law in determining whether you can post bond is very complicated. If you have been detained due to criminal convictions, it can be very difficult to get an immigration judge to allow you to post bond pending your hearing.

At Seattle Law Group, PLLC, we have experience in assessing whether you will be allowed to post bond. In addition, we have successfully argued cases and gotten immigration judges to allow the posting of bond where people were detained due to criminal convictions.

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