What is the processing time for an I-601 waiver?


What is the processing time for an I-601 waiver?


The processing time for an I-601 waiver will depend on several factors, including where you filed and the difficulty level of your case. Certain offices of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have staffing shortages, which result in longer processing times. The difficulty level of your case can also delay processing, because additional research may be needed, or USCIS might send you a Request for Evidence (RFE) and wait for your reply before making a final decision on your request. 

I-601 Waivers Filed in The United States

 Processing times are not currently posted online for I-601 waivers filed with USCIS. Based on attorney experience, however, you can generally expect to wait four to six months before USCIS takes action on your case. If you are concerned about how long your case is taking, you can call the USCIS customer service number and provide your case number (found on the I-797 receipt notice) to inquire about processing times.   

I-601 Waivers Filed Outside The United States 

The processing time for an I-601 waiver pending at an overseas UCSIS office will vary, but you can generally expect to wait six to twelve months.  In some cases, it can take longer than a year. 

Processing times are always subject to change regardless of where you filed.

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